FINALLY: A method that provides 0% processing-fee credit card transactions

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You can sign up on-line!

  • First, you must replace you current processing equipment with ours (don’t worry, our machine can integrate with your current operating system or cash register).  You must purchase a unit (See pricing.  Easy and affordable).
  • Second, you must complete a questionnaire about your business, and forward to us some documentation on line (scan or take a picture and forward to us by email). Once approved (takes seconds) you can sign with DocuSign, on-line.
  • Third, a unit will be shipped to your business so that you can simply “plug it in.” We will offer support by phone or on-line in order to get you up and running instantly.

Money will be batched that very night to your current bank account(s); a completely seamless procedure to change from one to the other.

Nothing really changes, other than the replaced unit.  The new equipment can take cards with a chip, and place your business into total compliance.   More importantly, your profit margins are yours to keep, and not shared with banks and credit card companies.   You keep 100% of your prices for goods and services.