FINALLY: A method that provides 0% processing-fee credit card transactions

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  • Step 2) choose a processing terminal (Easy and affordable starting at $250 or lease at $25/month and we will reimburse high volume merchants for this upfront cost).
  • Step 3) pay for terminal and sign contract via DocuSign, on-line.
  • Step 4) pending approval (takes hours), the starter pack will be shipped to your business so that you can simply “plug it in.” We will offer support by phone or on-line in order to get you up and running instantly.

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Money will be batched that very night to your current bank account(s); a completely seamless procedure to change from one to the other.

Nothing really changes, other than the replaced unit.  The new equipment can take cards with a chip, and place your business into total compliance.   More importantly, your profit margins are yours to keep, and not shared with banks and credit card companies.   You keep 100% of your prices for goods and services.