FINALLY: A method that provides 0% processing-fee credit card transactions

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Merchants Win


Merchants Win with fee-free credit card processing from Merchant Driven Inc.

Finally, small business owners and merchants can get a break from expensive credit card processing fees with Merchant Driven’s MerchantWIN® program.

Introducing MerchantWIN® A cash payment incentive program that shifts credit card processing fees to the customer, where they belong: not the merchant. With Merchant Driven’s patented technology, its all done for you- automatically at the payment terminal.

Here’s how it works:


  1.  A small service fee is applied to every sale; either a percentage or a set amount depending on the merchant’s average ticket sales.
  2. Signage is posted at the cash register which informs customers of the service fee and invites them to pay cash or with a store gift card to get an instant cash discount, equal to the amount of the service fee.
  3. Credit cards get their money, as usual, and the customer pays for those incentive programs; not you, the merchant.

Get started now and start saving today. It’s a simple matter of replacing your existing credit card processing terminal with one of ours; you can start saving thousands of dollars immediately.

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