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Merchant Driven, Inc is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA and Merrick Bank, South Jordan, UT

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

MDI Merchant Driven views your transaction security with the highest level of importance. In an effort to prevent cardholder fraud and identity theft, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover have established the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. This standard is more commonly known as PCI Compliance. For more details regarding PCI Compliance, please visit, The card associations have made PCI Compliance a requirement for all merchants. Credit card fraud has been deemed one the most important issues for most in our industry. Because of the nature and urgency of fraud prevention, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are requiring that all merchants, regardless of transaction volume, are compliant. Because of this requirement, MDI Merchant Driven has spent a great deal of time and effort researching these standards and vendors who assist with compliance. To better understand the specific requirements and how they relate to your business, MDI Merchant Driven has chosen to partner with Security Metrics to provide compliance assistance. This partnership will enable MDI Merchant Driven to monitor all merchant compliance on an ongoing basis and report compliance directly to the card associations. Security Metrics is a qualified compliance assessor recognized by the card associations and PCI counsel. Participation in this program is of great importance and is mandatory for all MDI Merchant Driven merchants. We appreciate your business and your cooperation in the efforts to minimize cardholder fraud.

If you have questions, please contact MDI Merchant Driven directly at (866) 2-ZEROFEE Or click here to send us an email

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Merchant Application & Agreement

ISO Total Pay Solutions, Inc. Agent / Sales Rep Merchant Driven Inc. Date Submitted Order ID

Business Corporate Information

Legal Business Name {{lb_name}} Address {{lb_address}}

City {{lb_city}} State {{lb_state}} Zip {{lb_zip}} Phone# {{lb_phone}}

Date Business Started {{date_started}} Federal Tax ID {{ftid}} Email {{lb_email}}

DBA Business Information (Doing Business As) If not the same as above

DBA Business Name {{dba_name}} Address {{dba_address}}

City {{dba_city}} State {{dba_state}} Zip {{dba_zip}} Phone# {{dba_phone}}

Mail the Statements to: {{mail_to}}

Type of Ownership: {{type_ownership}}

Type of Service: {{type_service}} {{type_service_other}} Card Swipe % 95 Hand Keyed % 5

Owner’s/Officer’s Information

Owners Name {{o_first_name}} {{o_last_name}} Social Security # {{ssn}} DOB {{dob}}

Residence Address {{o_address}}

City {{o_city}} State {{o_state}} Zip {{o_zip}} Driver’s License # {{dl_number}} Issue Date {{dl_issue}} Expires {{dl_expire}}

Phone {{o_phone}} Cell Phone: {{o_mobile}}

Transaction Information

Terminal Type Dejavoo Dial O IP/High Speed O IP/Highspeed SVC Discount Fee / Rate % 3.75%

Mthly Stmt/Acct Fee $ $30 Mthly Min Fee $ $20 AMEX Opt Blue Yes Next Day Funding $ $0.00 Mthly Yes

Avg Ticket Amt:$ {{avg_ticket}} Mthly Processing Volume $ {{monthly_volume}} AMEX Direct:  

ACH Authorization: I authorize Debit Technologies Inc., its Affiliates, and or DTI Card Payment Processor to debit the bank account listed DDA: {{dda}} ABA: {{aba}} on this agreement or any other agreement between my business and Debit Technologies Inc or any other bank account my company has with any other bank, via ACH, for any amount I owe Debit Technologies Inc or under any contract or guarantee including charge-backs for up to eighteen months a er expiration of agreement. In the event Debit Technologies, Inc. demands sum due, or such ACH does not fully compensate Debit Technologies Inc for the amount I owe, I will immediately pay Debit Technologies Inc. in full. Credit Check Authorization: By Signing below, I hereby permit Debit Technologies, Inc. to store and/or disclose any information on this application and any other documentation obtained from either my business or any other consumer reporting agency. INCLUDE COPY OF: VOIDED CHECK / DRIVER ‘S LICENSE / BUSINESS LICENSE / STORE FRONT PHOTO / PROCESSING STMT

Merchant is responsible to: 1 Ensure compliance with cardholder data security and storage requirements. 2 Maintain fraud and charge-backs below thresholds. 3 Review and understand the terms of the MA&A. 4 Comply with the Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express operating regulations. The responsibili es listed above do not supersede terms of the MA&A and are provided to ensure the merchants understands the important obligations of each party and that the Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express member. “Acquirer” is the ul mate authority should the Merchant have any problems. 5 Comply with card organization rules. 6 Retain a signed copy of this MA&A and this Disclosure Information. Please read the Merchant Application and Agreement (MA&A) Booklet also known as the Merchant Services Guide in its en rety. It describes the terms under which we will provide merchant processing Services to you. Merchant understands that a copy of the MA&A terms booklet is available for downloading from the internet at: Merchant further acknowledges reading and agreeing to all terms in the MA&A booklet, which shall be incorporated into this MA&A. By its signature below, Client acknowledges that is has received (either in person, by facsimile, or by electronic transmission) the MA&A booklet consisting of 12 pages (including this confirmation).

Individual Guaranty – No Titles
As a primary inducement to PROCESSOR and BANK and to enter into this MA&A the undersigned Guarantor(s), by signing this MA&A jointly and severally, unconditionally and irrevocably, personally guarantee the con nuing full and faithful performance and payment by Merchant of each of its du es and obligations to Processor under this MA&A or any other agreement currently in effect or in the future to entered into between Merchant or its principals and Processor, as such agreements not exist or are amended from me to me, with or without no ce. Guarantor(s) understands further that PROCESSOR and BANK may proceed directly against Guarantor(s) without first exhausting their remedies against any other person or entity responsible to it or any security held by PROCESSOR and BANK and Merchant. This guarantee will not be discharged or affected by the death of the undersigned, will bind all heirs, administrators, representatives and assigns and may be enforced by or for the benefits of any successor of PROCESSOR and BANK and guarantor(s) understand that the inducement to PROCESSOR and BANK and to enter into this MA&A is consideration for the guaranty, and that this guaranty remains in full force and effect even if the Guarantor(s) receive no additional benefit from the guaranty.

For All Businesses – Business Resolution
The indicated officer(s) iden ed 2 below have the authorization to execute the MA&A on behalf of the here within named business. MERCHANT UNDERSTANDS THAT THIS MA&A SHALL NOT TAKE EFFECT UNTIL MERCHANT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY PROCESSOR AND BANK AND A MERCHANT NUMBER IS ISSUED.

Debit Technologies Inc is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Walnut Creek, CA. and Merrick Bank, South Jordan UT

This Merchant Services Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Card Payment Discount Program” is made this by and between Total Pay Solutions, LLC (“TPS”) and Debit Technologies, Inc., (“ TPS”) a Texas Corporation having its principal offices at 700 Corporate Circle, Suite E, Golden, CO 80401 and: (Merchant) {{lb_name}} having its place of business at (address) {{lb_address}}, {{lb_city}}, {{lb_state}} {{lb_zip}}.

WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have executed this Agreement by a duly authorized representative as of the date first set forth above both parties agree: Merchant desires to participate in TPS/DTI Card Payment Discount Program and WHEREAS, TPS/DTI is engaged as the “Payment Services Provider” is in the business of processing, installing, operating, servicing, and/or selling Point-of-Sale Terminal products, proprietary electronic interfaces, and electronic transaction processing which will provide debit and credit card processing services on an exclusive basis, hereinafter referred to as “Processing Services”. Card payment processing services shall be provided by TPS/DTI. The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which TPS/DTI may establish merchant accounts (using the information provided by merchant) for both credit and/or debit transactions and pay on behalf of Merchant specifically card-present base interchange processing costs and per item interchange transaction fees, excluding the following fees: Visa (FANF) Fixed Acquirer Network Fee, MasterCard (MALF) Acquiring Licensing Fee, Visa/MC Credit Acquirer Fees, Chargeback sale amounts, Chargeback-Retrieval fees, Non-Swiped Keyed, Telephone transaction fees, Dues & Assessments, International, Foreign, B2B, and commercial card transaction fees, and any additional ancillary fees which may be imposed. In addition Merchant agrees to pay   or 3.75 % per card payment transaction billed monthly. Merchant agrees to not let any person or company (other than TPS/DTI ) interfere with the operation of the terminal equipment or card payment processing services, nor install or allow to have installed any other debit or credit card processing equipment on the premises during any term of this agreement.

1. TPS/DTI Establishment of Services. In the event TPS/DTI elects to replace equipment, Merchant may be required to package defective equipment for a courier service to pick up and Merchant may be required to pay delivery freight expenses for the equipment replacement. TPS/DTI will provide at no charge and Merchant agrees to install and place public disclosure signage at the point-of-sale in a clear and conspicuous location disclosing the Card Payment Discount Program. Disclosure signage shall remain visible to the public during the term or any renewal of this agreement. Merchant agrees to install replacement signage and/or window sticker decals as required by TPS/DTI.

2. TPS/DTI Product Pricing, Discounts, and Customer Service Fee. As stated on the disclosure signage Merchant agrees as part of its regular, standard, list product pricing that a “Customer Service Charge” (CSC) will be established and assessed on all sales including cash, checks, credit & debit cards, etc. Merchant agrees to establish the initial Customer Service Charge amount of 3.75% (% or $). Through the use of TPS/DTI proprietary payment terminal software Merchant agrees to apply an immediate automatic discount to its customers who choose to pay with cash or check. No discount will be given to customers paying by credit or debit card. All individual posted product pricing will be the net price after the discount is applied. In the event the monthly average card sale amount is greater than the initial amount indicated in the merchant application documentation then merchant agrees to increase the Customer Service Fee as required by TPS/DTI or pay the difference as an increase in the Customer Service Charge.

3. TPS/DTI Obligations of Retail Client. It is understood that Merchant has hereby appointed TPS/DTI as its exclusive agent to deal with all service providers in matters regarding establishment of services for the term and any renewal periods of this contract including establishing a merchant account using all information provided including the transfer of original signatures. For all amounts owed Merchant authorizes TPS/DTI to initiate ACH debit and credit entries to the Merchant’s checking or savings account as indicated on the Merchant Processing Application and Agreement. Merchant may cancel or transfer to another bank this method of billing with ten (10) days prior written notice to TPS/DTI. Merchant agrees – to NOT provide cash back, extra cash, change, or any other form of additional funds which cause the total card payment transaction sale amount to increase in value beyond the initially established average sales ticket amount. Merchant agrees all fees and or amounts owed under the terms of this Agreement may be collected via ACH electronic bank draft.

4. Term. The term of this Agreement is three (3) years from the date of complete installation of all Equipment for all Locations covered by this Agreement. Unless otherwise notified in writing and said notice has been delivered ten (10) days prior to expiration to TPS/DTI at the above listed address by US Certified Mail this Agreement shall automatically renew for continuous one (1) year periods without further notice or action.

5. TPS/DTI Discount Program Parameters, Modifications, Program Guide, and Merchant Processing Application (MPA). Merchant acknowledges it has reviewed and accepts the terms of this agreement and the Merchant Processing Application either online ( or by hard copy and the Program Guide has been made available for review and that TPS/DTI has the authority on behalf of the Merchant to complete the Merchant Processing Application and establish services including the transfer of original signatures to the merchant application and other docs. A $25 monthly charge will apply to accounts on file that are inactive. TPS/DTI has the authority to increase or lower the Customer Service Charge or any other fees from time to time as business conditions change. Merchant agrees to comply with all network card association rules and polices including maintaining PCI-DSS SECURITY compliance. Merchant is required to utilize TPS/DTI for provision of PCI-DSS SECURITY certification; an annual fee of $125 per location for PCI compliance will be assessed annually or monthly regardless if merchant contracts for PCI with any other provider. A $4.95 monthly per location IRS government compliance and $10 monthly account fee will be assessed. Rules and regulations of the debit and credit card payment networks are subject to change and may impose additional fees, which will be assessed to Merchant. Merchant is responsible for reimbursement to TPS/DTI for any Charge-Back sale amounts that may occur plus a $25 Charge-Back Fee per occurrence. In the event merchant does not pay any chargeback sales and/or fees TPS/DTI may submit to a third party collection agency for amounts owed.

6. Assignments. This Agreement is assignable by TPS/DTI without Retail Client’s consent. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties and their respective successors and permitted assigns.

7. Notice. Any notices required or permitted to be provided by one party to the other pursuant to this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be sufficient and deemed given (i) if by hand delivery, upon receipt thereof, (ii) if mailed, three (3) days after deposit in the mail, postage prepaid, certified mail, return receipt requested, or (iii) if by next day delivery service, upon such service. All notices shall be addressed to the party at the appropriate address first set forth above.

8. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable, such determination shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid under any applicable statute or rule of law, it shall be enforced to the maximum extent possible so as to affect the intent of the parties, and the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

9. No Waiver. The failure of either party to exercise any right or remedy provided for herein shall not be deemed a waiver of any right or remedy hereunder. No waiver by any party of any breach of any provisions hereof shall constitute a waiver unless made in writing signed by the party.

10. Headings and References. The captions used in this Agreement are for convenience only and are not to be considered in interpreting this Agreement.

11. Entire Agreement. Each party acknowledges that this Agreement, including any Exhibits annexed hereto, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes and merges all previous proposals, negotiations, representations, commitments, writings, understandings, agreements, and all other communications, both oral and written, between the parties. This Agreement may not be modified or altered except by a written instrument executed by a duly authorized representative of each of the parties.

20170606 TPS/DTIGE Debit Technologies Inc is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Walnut Creek, CA. and Merrick Bank


PROCESSOR Name: Debit Technologies, Inc

INFORMATION: Address: 700 Corporate Circle, Suite E, CO 80401

Customer Service #: 1-888-864-3990

From time to time you may have questions regarding the contents of your Agreement with Bank and/or Processor. The following information summarizes portions of your Agreement in order to assist you in answering some of the questions we are most commonly asked.

1. Your Discount Rates are assessed on transactions that qualify for certain reduced interchange rates imposed by MasterCard and Visa. Any transactions that fail to qualify for these reduced rates will be charged an additional fee (see Section 19 of the Program Guide).
2. We may debit your bank account from time to time for amounts owed to us under the Agreement.
3. There are many reasons why a Chargeback may occur. When they occur we will debit your settlement funds or settlement account. For a more detailed discussion regarding Chargebacks see Section 10 of Card Processing Operating Guide.
4. If you dispute any charge or funding, you must notify us within 60 days of the date of the statement where the charge or funding appears for Card Processing.
5. The Agreement limits our liability to you. For a detailed description of the limitation of liability see Section 21 of the Card Processing General Terms.
6. We have assumed certain risks by agreeing to provide you with Card processing or check services. Accordingly, we may take certain actions to mitigate our risk, including termination of the Agreement, and/or hold monies otherwise payable to you (see Card Processing General Terms in Section 24, Term; Events of Default and Section 25, Reserve Account; Security Interest), under certain circumstances.
7. By executing this Agreement with us you are authorizing us and our Affiliates to obtain financial and credit information regarding your business and the signers and guarantors of the Agreement until all your obligations to us and our Affiliates are satisfied.
8. The Agreement contains a provision that in the event you terminate the Agreement early, you will be responsible for the payment of an early termination fee as set forth in Part III, A.3 under “Additional Fee Information.”
9. If you lease equipment from Processor, it is important that you review Section II in Third Party Agreements. Bank is not a party to this Agreement. THIS IS A NONCANCELABLE LEASE FOR THE FULL TERM INDICATED.
10. For questions regarding your Merchant Processing Application and Agreement, please contact Customer Service at 1-855-813-5293, and/or refer to Important Phone Numbers on the Additional Important Information Page, Part III, Section A.4.
11. Card Organization Disclosure
Visa and MasterCard Member Bank Information as indicated below by agent:

Merrick Bank
Mailing Address: 135 Crossways Park Drive North, Suite A100, Woodbury, NY 11797, and its phone number is (800) 267-2256.

Important Member Bank Responsibilities:

a) The Bank is the only entity approved to extend acceptance of Card Organization products directly to a Merchant.
b) The Bank must be a principal (signer) to the Merchant Agreement.
c) The Bank is responsible for educating Merchants on pertinent Visa and MasterCard rules with which Merchants must comply; but this information may be provided to you by Processor.
d) The Bank is responsible for and must provide settlement funds to the Merchant.
e) The Bank is responsible for all funds held in reserves that are derived from settlement.

Important Merchant Responsibilities:

a) Ensure compliance with Cardholder data security and storage requirements. b) Maintain fraud and Chargebacks below Card Organization thresholds.
b) Review and understand the terms of the Merchant Agreement.
c) Comply with Card Organization rules.
d) Retain assigned copy of this Disclosure Page.
e) You may download “Visa Regulations” from Visa’s website at:
f) You may download “MasterCard Regulations” from MasterCard’s website at:

Upon receipt of a signed of this Confirmation Page by us, Client’s Application will be processed.

Client’s Business Principal:

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Signed by Craig Longhurst
Signed On: September 14, 2017

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